Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipes

Who doesn’t appreciate a tasty smoothie? They’re a favorite in many cultures due to their refreshing taste and ease of consumption. And, as it turns out, bearded dragons adore them as well!

That’s right, thousands of bearded dragon owners have had a lot of success feeding their bearded dragons smoothies or slurries, which you may or may not be aware of.

Slurries are great because they have a smooth texture in your bearded dragon’s stomach while also allowing you to sneak in medications, supplements, and other items.

In fact, I’ve found that if I hide certain medicines and supplements within a slurry, I can get my dragons to take them more easily, so chances are, this trick might work well for you too!

How Much Slurry Does My Bearded Dragon Need?

Before we get started on the recipes, let’s talk about how much slurry you should be giving your bearded dragon at any given time!

You should only give your beardie 3–6ml per serving, with larger adult beardies receiving 4-6ml and smaller or young dragons receiving 3ml once a day or as needed.

And what about the leftovers? I recommend freezing or storing them in the refrigerator for no more than a few days.

How to Feed Bearded Dragon a Slurry?

Then there’s the question of how to feed your beardie their slurry.

You won’t necessarily want to plop it into a bowl, as I’m sure you can guess.

Now, if your bearded dragon eats it this way, that’s great! However, it’s likely that you’ll have to put in a little more effort than this.

I recommend investing in some low-cost syringes for syringe feeding your bearded dragon, like this one. Syringes that are 10ml are ideal for single feedings and storing leftovers in the fridge for up to three days.

When drawing the bearded dragon slurry into the syringe, make sure there are no air bubbles because this can cause your beardie to swallow air. Which can potentially be dangerous.

If your bearded dragon refuses to eat from a normal syringe and requires force-feeding (which should always be a last resort), you’ll need to administer the slurry in one of two ways. See the list below. But before you do, keep these things in mind.

Force-feeding a Bearded Dragon Eating Slurry multiple times is a last resort, and I’d only recommend it if your vet gives you the okay and your dragon isn’t eating at all.

Do not force-feed your dragon a slurry if it is just a “treat” for them; only do so if they aren’t eating, need medicine, or something similar.

Force Feeding Option #1: Syringe Feeding

If your dragon isn’t sucking the slurry off their snout or simply licking the syringe tip, I recommend investing in a syringe that will allow you to get the slurry into their mouth.

Syringes with curved tips, like this one, allow you to gently insert them into the corner of your dragon’s mouth and direct the solution to the middle of the tongue rather than the throat.

Force Feeding Option #2: Using a Crop Needle

The bearded dragon slurry can be injected more effectively with a crop needle because it ensures the slurry reaches the dragon’s throat.

This is an excellent choice for medicine that doesn’t taste good or for dragons that refuse to eat.

Unlike a regular syringe, which simply injects the slurry into the mouth or the front of the throat, a crop needle injects the slurry into the bearded dragon’s throat, preventing it from being spit out.

To avoid penetrating the windpipe, you’ll want to use the appropriate crop needle size. I recommend a size 12 or 14 gauge for bearded dragons 6 months and older.

Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe for Picky Eaters

Is your beardie a picky eater? Don’t be concerned! Make this delectable smoothie to help stimulate your bearded dragon’s appetite while also providing a nutritional boost!

The first thing you need to do is get 0.5-1 teaspoon Alfalfa Powder OR a small handful of mixed greens with 1 mL Pollen from Bees. Then add 1 large strawberry into the mix. Grab a few small pineapple chunks for sweetness along with Repashy Grub pie. Afterward, add Nature Zone Appetite Plus 0.25–0.5tsp. Lastly, take 3 to 6 mL water and pour it in.

Baby Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe

Do you want to ensure your baby lizard grows up to be a big, powerful lizard? Check out the recipe for a powered slurry to get them feeling their oats in no time!

I recommend feeding your bearded dragon this anywhere from twice a week to once a day as they grow older.

This recipe only serves one bearded dragon.

Firstly put some Fluker’s Repta Boost (1.5-2ml) with 3–4 mL water (may need less or more). Next add 0.25-0.5 teaspoon Repashy Grub Pie or your favorite insects. Then put 0.5 teaspoons powdered alfalfa into the mix with 1 drop of Vitamin B (all-natural) ( aids growth and immune system). Then add a pinch of pollen from bees (essentially an all-in-on vitamin). At the end Strawberry or small pineapple chunks (not necessary, may help with taste).

Slurry Recipe for Malnourished or Underweight Bearded Dragons

Is your bearded dragon looking a little (or quite) frail these days? If that’s the case, try the recipe below to fatten it up while also ensuring it gets all of the nutrients!

Before you make this slurry, make sure your bearded dragon is actually underweight, as it’s critical not to overfeed healthy dragons.

The following generally makes 1 serving. If your dragon is severely malnourished or thin, I consider feeding them this 2-3 times a day, or multiple times per week if they are only slightly lean. Make the best decision you can. 

Firstly get 1ml Oxbow Carnivore Care Pet Supplement for every 100g body weight and 2-4ml water. Then add 0.5 teaspoon Alfalfa powder or a variety of leafy greens (mustard, dandelion, etc.). Finally, add Fluker’s Repta Boost and any supplements you already give them

The Perfect Slurry Recipe You can use for Sick or Post Surgery Bearded Dragons

If your bearded dragon is sick or weak after surgery, the following recipe is ideal. I recommend seeking advice from your veterinarian, but for the first 2-3 days, you should only give your weakened reptile fluids. There are no bugs! This is why having this recipe handy is so beneficial.

Because Critical Care is included, I recommend that you know your bearded dragon’s weight, as the dosage calls for 1 Tablespoon of powder per kg of weight.

Most bearded dragons weigh between 0.5lb (0.30kg) and 1.5lb (0.45kg) ( 0.68kg). So, if your dragon weighs 1 pound, they are 0.5 kilograms, so, you would use half a tablespoon of critical care per ser kg.

This recipe contains 2 servings; one in the morning and the other half at night. 

1 tablespoon of critical care per kg depending on your bearded dragon’s weight. Then add 1ml of unflavoured Pedialyte for every 50 grams of your beardies body weight. With the Pedialyte, add 2ml of sugar-free butternut squash baby food and just a dash of bee pollen to help with the immune system.

Feed this to your bearded dragon for 3 days straight, you incorporate their calcium, probiotics, and vitamins the way you used to before. If everything goes smoothly you can consider adding some insects.

Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe for Upper Respiratory Infections

Of course, if you think the bearded dragon has a respiratory infection, you should always send them to the clinic to be diagnosed and treated. However, if you can’t get them in right away or want to help them feed whilst they’re recovering, this bearded dragon slurry recipe might be useful. 

Finally, I’ve added Serrapeptase to the slurry recipe because it is an anti-inflammatory enzyme extracted from silkworms that aids in thin mucous and the prevention of bacterial infections in the lungs. This addition is not entirely appropriate, but it is highly recommended.

To find out how much serrapeptase you need to give, take your beardie’s weight in grams and divide that by 1,000 to get the necessary ml. For instance, if your bearded dragon is 750 grams you would divide this by 1,000 and get 0.75ml.

The recipe below makes around 1 serving. You should give your bearded dragon 1-3 servings a day depending on how much they’re eating, how sick they are and what your vet has instructed or prescribed.

Take 1.5-2ml of Fluker’s repatriation boost along with 3-4ml of water and add it to your mix. Afterward, add the right amount of serrapeptase based on your beardies body weight. Sprinkle some Alfalfa powder with whatever insects you want.

Bearded Dragon Slurry Recipe for a Treat

If your bearded dragon is perfectly fine, but you’re searching for a slurry recipe that can be used as a treat on occasion, then you’ve come to the right place! If you want to spoil your dragon every now and then, the recipe below is great. 

Note that, you can substitute nearly any vegetables and fruits to make your own slurry!

Firstly! Get a small handful of leafy greens of your choice with 1 strawberry, small berries, or some pieces of pineapple. Next, add a couple of your bearded dragon’s favorite insects(make sure that no exoskeleton remains). Add vitamins you usually give your beardies and 3-4ml of water. You can also organic honey for added sweetness and health benefits.


Bearded dragon slurries serve a variety of purposes and provide a simple and practical way to practice hand/force-feeding by syringe, whether provided to tackle a wide range of health issues or as a treat on occasion. 

And, while the recipes above are excellent for those who have never made slurry before, they are by no means the only ones you can give your beardie! 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of bearded dragon slurry recipes is that you can create your own! 
So, go ahead and be inventive; your dragon would surely appreciate it.

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